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boyd elevator fire
Fire at the Boyd Elevator

Shot take from the Wheatland Travel shortly after the fire broke out.

Shot taken from Wheatland travel shortly after the fire broke out.

Great shot of fire breaking out of the grain bin attic.

Shot of the roof collapse.

The fire gets some oxygen as flames break out of the roof.

Large flame height and lots of smoke.

A look inside the grain bin as the side panel falls away.

As night begins to fall, more of the structure falls away.

Intense heat, flames, and smoke.

The fire lights up the night sky with this shot taken from the entrance to Wheatland Travel.

The fire moves on to the next bin.

It's hot and bright in there.

Sunrise, a day and a half later.

Two days later, with winds threatening to pick up, firefighters attempt to extinguish the remaining portions still on fire.

Smoke can still be seen coming from the east end of the building.  The fire is still burning internally.

What's left of the structure.  The fire continues to burn internally and the building is eventually torn down.