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Station 12-2

Station 12-2 is located in the city of Johnson (SEE MAP). The station contains three apparatuses, and mainly responds to calls south of Pullman. The three apparatuses are listed below.

  Brush 1221
Unit Type:Class 3 Engine / Brush Truck
Ford F700
Date Built:1980
Gallons H2O / Min. 500
Tank Capacity 1300
Pump System PTO Something Or Other
Horsepower 2 Billion
Transmission Four Wheel Drive
Additional Capabilities Foam - Class A

  Water Tender 1219
Unit Type:Class 3 Engine
Ford F800
Date Built:1980
Gallons H2O / Min. 250
Tank Capacity 1800
Pump System PTO
Horsepower 0.1
Transmission Rear Wheel Drive
Additional Capabilities

  Brush 1220
Unit Type:Attack Engine
Chevy K3500
Date Built:1985
Gallons H2O / Min. 250
Tank Capacity 500
Pump System Gasoline Powered
Horsepower 10 billion
Transmission Four Whell Drive
Additional Capabilities EMS Certified
Foam - Class A